Radboud Sustainability Dashboard

Radboud Sustainability Dasboard


RSD is a web-based administrative tool for the Facility Service of the Radboud University and Radboud UMC. The aim is to support the Facility Service in complying with the Dutch law in respect to renewable energy, toxic chemicals, heating installations and so on.


As this application is mainly a database with a user friendly front-end, we use the Python framework Django, as this framework is ideal for defining database models. On top of that, there is an admin area built-in based on the defined information models. This makes it so that the user can later change every detail in the database, even if these attributes can’t be changed via the ‘real’ front-end.


The application will be used by employees of the Facility Service of the RU/UMC. The aim is to extend the application such that there is an option for guest users that have restricted access. These are mostly contractors outside the RU.

Project Details

Date: Mar 28, 2018

Author: Lennart Jansen

Website: http://www.giphouse.nl/project/rsd/


GiPHouse is a unique student-run company that develops software and practices entrepreneurship at the Radboud University.

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