Software Improvement Group is an IT company that seeks to improve code quality in the industry by taking on an advisory role, providing tools, information, and auditing services. One of SIGs services is a tool called the Development Practice Assessment (DPA). This tool is used by SIG’s consultants to assess software development projects.

The Project

Our group is developing a web application that replaces the current Excel form and expands its functionality. At this moment The assesssment only exists as an Excel file, and therefor is not very versatile. The web application of the assessment can be hosted in SIGs network, making it much more accessable and it will also include additional features.


The web application allows the consultant to fill in a form consisting of several checks in different categories which are based on guidelines that have been developed by SIG. The checks are compared to a benchmark that consists of previous assesstments. The results are then shown in various types of graphs, which can also be used in presentations.

Project Details

Date: Jan 27, 2017

Author: Gerdriaan Mulder



GiPHouse is a unique student-run company that develops software and practices entrepreneurship at the Radboud University.

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