Social Brands is a solution for companies and teams to get in touch with their target audience. Social Brands offers their clients a platform to build social promotions, to engage, reach and increase their online & offline audiences and turn them into leads. Clients of Social Brands collect data like e-mail address, place of residence, date of birth, and a lot of other valuable data such as their Facebook likes. This data can be used as a marketing instrument to engage in other marketing strategies, such as a newsletter or a targeted Facebook ad. Social Brands offers various apps and campagnes that companies can use for interaction with their target audience.

In the Social Brands project at GiPHouse, we will be developing an API that can provide a suggestion for an app for companies to use. This will be of use when companies don’t know which app they should select. This could be provided for them when they ask for it or could be used by Social Brands in the form of a push message when a client has been inactive for a while. Added features to this API will be the possibility to request insight in the current target audience of a client and also suitable times, dates and content for future posts.

The members of the Social Brands project team:

  • Tanja Crijns [Manager]
  • Tessa Schlief [Manager]
  • Timo Maarse
  • Ayala Hoeks
  • Thomas Welten
  • Stephanie van Gogh
  • Mees Neijenhuis
  • Jan van Bommel

Project Details

Date: Apr 9, 2018




GiPHouse is a unique student-run company that develops software and practices entrepreneurship at the Radboud University.

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