Projects from 2013

Isatis 2013

Isatis BV is a full service developer of web concepts, sites and applications. The company was founded in 1987 under the name of PPC. Since 1995 PPC is active on the world wide web. In 2010 the company name was changed from PPC to Isatis. The services of Isatis is provided by four business units which work closely together. These business units are: Web & App Development, Design & Communication, Social Web Concepts and Solutions.

The Dutch foundation of domain registrations (SIDN) has got a domain registration tool (DRS) which can be used in two ways. Besides a web application, people can communicate with the DRS using a special protocol (EPP). Using EPP the whole process of requesting new domain names can be automated. The main goal of this project is to make a domain administration tool that can communicate with the DRS by EPP.

LinkU 2013

LinkU is founded in the year 2007. After a fast growing start, the demand for specialized work in the fields of web design and web development increased. Today the team has grown up to eight specialists. On a daily basis this team works on challenging projects for many clients. The team consists of several skillful specialists in the fields of strategy, counseling, communication, design, internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and project management.

One of LinkU their products is Yournalist. This is a webapplication specifically for mobile devices that can show a personalized selection of news articles. The majority of the Yournalist application’s features are already realized. The core of the process is cataloguing and indexing the news articles. The project is about extracting features from texts (topic, people, etc) to categorize these texts in order to show them in the correct news categories.

Soluso 2013

Soluso is a full-service internet agency located in Nijmegen. Its main areas of expertise are web design, Search Engine Optimization and development of web applications. Soluso also provides advice on the usage of social media and training on attracting, retaining and satisfying website visitors.

This project is aimed to contribute to the development of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system developed by Soluso. GiPHouse will focus on contributing by creating a plug-in for the CRM system. The plugin is meant to log and analyze voice calls made using company phones with additional features such as synchronized phonebooks, call rerouting and storing and displaying client details.

It also delivers a social media plugin for Soluso’s CRM system that shows the most recent activity of the client.

Sorama 2013

Sorama is a company that helps product developers reduce and optimize the sound level of their products. To fulfill those needs, Sorama uses a patented technology to visualize the sound field around, and vibrations on manufacturers’ products. With these patented algorithms it is possible to use low cost hardware to produce a sharp view of sound sources and dynamic behavior in 3D and through time. This allows manufacturers to implement sound correction measures in a shorter timespan at lower costs and with greatest effect.

Sorama wants to have an alternative application to view sound images. The end goal of this GipHouse project is a fully functional Windows 8 application that runs on a tablet that can be used as a prototype or showcase for customers of Sorama, to show the possibilities of such an application. For the GipHouse students the goal is to set up the prototype. This prototype will be used by Sorama to show clients the possibilities of such an application. One can think of easier access to personal measurements or easy sharing organizing media objects.

YouBeDo2013 is an online bookstore which is basically the same as any other bookstore on the internet: same collection, same prices, same shipping etc. The big difference is that 10 percent of every purchase at gets donated to a charity of your own choice. thinks everybody is able to contribute to a more righteous and better world, even if it’s only by buying books at

The goal of the project is to integrate a system that handles second hand book purchases. The reason for starting this project is that the idea of purchasing and selling of second hand books matches their values of making the world a better place. The model used for this project is the same as This means YouBeDo will only function as a facilitator. People can offer books on the YouBeDo website and are responsible for shipment if the book is sold. YouBeDo will then receive payment from the buyer and pay the seller if the book is actually received.


GiPHouse is a unique student-run company that develops software and practices entrepreneurship at the Radboud University.

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