I would like to run a project with GiPHouse

In order to have our students work on your project there some steps have to be taken.

Our projects are carried out during the second semester (please check the website of the university for the academic calendar). During the first semester a student assistants will look for suitable projects for the students to work on, they can be contacted on directors [AT] giphouse.nl. During this period it's possible to contact the student assistant to see whether there is room for your project(s).

In the first contact the student assistant will check with you whether the project is suitable for the course. If this is the case, we expect a project description from you. This description can then be used for students to express preference for certain projects. This description should contain the following (an example project description is provided below):

After an agreement is reached on the project description, the contracts can be signed and the project is ready for the spring semester.

Example project description


GiPHouse is a virtual software company completely run by students. For more than 25 years now, GiPHouse has provided a platform in which real projects for real companies can be created. Furthermore, it has been a learning platform for students who want to get real life software development experience.

The project

At the moment, GiPHouse uses several different systems (e.g. G Suite and Github) to manage and monitor its projects and administration. The goal of this project is to create a more efficient method to administer the projects and student data. At this moment we have a system running on giphouse.nl but we still have to do a lot of manual work in other systems. We would like to automate as many of those tasks as possible.

With the registration of students we already gain a lot of information of users (e.g. Github accounts, mail addresses). Right now we have to manually create repositories for the teams and add every user manually, we would like to do this automatically once we have everyone divided in teams. The same goes for functionalities of G Suite that we use. Depending on how long this takes, we would also like to look into ways to fairly divide the students into teams using our system.

In this project there will be a big focus on code quality. At the moment, the website has a high code quality and if we integrate this project into our live environment we seek the same level of quality.You can take a look into the current website here: github.com/Giphouse/Website.


Experience with Django (a popular web framework in Python) is a plus.

Contact information

Name: A B

E-mail: a@b.com

Phone/WhatsApp/Telegram: 06-12345678

While the project is running

There are some things that you should be aware of when you would like to have a project with GiPHouse, these will be explained below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us (directors [AT] giphouse.nl). Please make sure you have read the bullets below.

Finalizing the project


Running a project within GiPHouse (spring semester) is possible for only €350,-. This is a fixed price and the money will mainly be used for project-related costs like printing, travelling and administrative costs. We also need to occasionally upgrade or buy new hardware. Note that this money is not used to pay students for their work: they get a reward for their work in the form of credits.