Projects from Spring 2021

Campus+ Back-end

By Donders Institute

Campus+ is the online campus of the NeurotechEU. Campus+ back-end will focus on software system integration based on open-source projects that will collectively offer a customized software suite. In its first phase, the project will involve Jitsi Meet (, Open Academic Environment (, Karuta (, OnTask (, OpenEQUELLA ( Campus+ back-end will cooperate closely with the “Campus+ front-end” and “eduZ” projects. See the aforementioned projects for details.

Campus+ Front-end

By Donders Institute

Campus+ is the online campus of the NeurotechEU. It will create a shared virtual space, an extension of the partnering organizations, where students across all levels (bachelor, master, and doctoral students), teachers, and administrators work together without administrative, cultural and societal obstacles to provide physical, digital and blended training. “Campus+ front-end” and “Campus+ back-end” will provide an all inclusive platform for communication, content delivery, feedback and cooperation (see “Campus+ back-end” for details). Campus+ front-end will also provide single sign-on to Campus+, create a scalable database structure and ensure that Campus+ operates based on FAIR principles.

Circulaire Ambitie App

By Rendemint


Circulaire Keten App

By Rendemint


Data and Project Integration

By Donders Institute

The project is an integrated data, document and project management system. It will provide common functionalities for information storage, tracking, sharing and will integrate calendar functionalities, including for tracking deadlines and timelines. It will provide two levels of access, i.e. public vs privileged access, thus the software will include user management functionalities and database integration.


By Donders Institute

eduZ is a project that will integrate content authoring and course management for online delivery of education. It will become a part of the NeurotechEU Campus+ and will enable NeurotechEU to deliver courses online while providing content authoring tools necessary for creating interactive educational content. It will be based on two open-source project, Moodle (including its Modules - and Xerte ( This project will closely work together with the Campus+ back-end and Campus+ front-end projects to ultimately an integrated online University.



Our company has created a next generation software development tool called GEARS. It transforms business requirements of many types of applications into fully operational systems with a push of a button. Each system will have a web application as a front-end that communicates with the back-end of the system using an GraphQL API thus enabling a user to actually use the system which is mostly starting processes and completing the process tasks. In the meantime we have come up with a new architecture that may prove to be easier to implement and more powerful. Given the existing prototype and this new architecture we believe that a new GiPHouse project could create a "GEARS-2-VA" that would be able to become a real-live usable product that could be shown to potential clients of XLRIT or even be used in actual commercial projects.

Hive Canvas

By 7Vortex

This project is a collaboration of 2 companies, working in the field of Sustainability. In order to support the worldwide transition proces, our vision is that we need to improve our collaborative systems thinking 1 . The essence of the problems in the world is that we have to move from a linear approach towards a circular economy. A circular economy, means adapting our way of living according to nature principles 2 . Principles that we simply cannot deny. For instance: waste is a concept of human beings. In nature waste equals food for other subsystems. On a global planet there is no such thing as waste. We need to understand better what we do locally, in order to change our impact globally. Both companies are familiar with several important concepts and workmethods supporting sustainability. The web-based tool to be developed (from scratch) in this project is a Hive Canvas that will start empty and will give the user the ability to add hexagons and to colour its frontiers according to 1 of the 9 types of possible exchanges. The size of the canvas will fit the screen of the user (focus on desktop). Using the hexagon as a building block each hexagon will include and image, link and a title.

NeurotechEU Portal

By Donders Institute

NeurotechEU portal will replace the current web-page of the NeurotechEU and will improve on its functionality. In addition to providing static content and information about the University organization, it will include separate portals targeting different generations (X,Y, Z), interactive content, including content created using Xerte and dynamic data visualization (via e.g. integration with Google Data Studio). The portal will become the go-to place for anyone on internet to learn about Neurotechnology, will offer authoritative information in this domain.


By Radboud Innovation

NIfTI represents a radical innovation in mobility based on magnetic levitation and the use of the existing road network around which all our daily lives evolve. Within the current envisaged scheme, the road itself becomes the engine, electromagnetic coils embedded under the road surface levitating and pulsing individual modules along the road at the precise moment it passes over. The goal of the interfaculty collaboration is to assess the feasibility of NIfTI as a radical new means of transportation from multiple angles. The project for GiPHouse is about developing a control system application for the transportation system using the NIfTI technology.

ODrive Electric Motor Testing


BDT is a company that specializes in repairing higher-end electronic equipment for manufacturers. One of the future parts that BDT wants to repair are high-end motors. The first step to achieve this is to be able to test whether a motor is in working condition. Currently BDT does not have software to do this. The goal is to use the open source motor controller ODrive[2] together with a custom piece of software that measures the motor parameters and finally can compare these parameters to the motor specification to give a pass fail criterim.

Optimal SCANS Redevelopment

By Planet+

Optimal SCANS by Optimal Planet helps determining and monitoring the sustainability and circularity of organisations, products, and services. GipHouse developed this system since 2015 as a web application in Laravel (PHP and JQUERY). In the past 6 years, various team have added many functionalities and the code has become quite messy as a result. Therefore, it was decided that the software must be redeveloped from scratch. All options for creating an efficient, resilient, and sustainable system are open. The functionalities of the new system should largely be the same as the existing system, so the existing system can be retro engineered. It is hard so estimate if this is possible in one GipHouse project. In 2021, the goal is a minimum viable product.

Overall View Integration App

By Rendemint


Social Media MArketing Dashboard

By Socialbanana

Social Banana is a social media marketing company, focused on providing comprehensive online marketing solutions to companies. It's difficult to figure out how effective any given marketing tool is. As a solution to this Social Banana wants to deploy a dashboard which shows a comprehensive overview of various marketing statistics. As a team it's up to you to develop this dashboard. The framework and technologies that use is up to you, in consideration with the client of course.

WeekendHike Online Hiking Platform

By WeekendHike

Some years ago we developed an online hiking platform (WeekendHike). Volunteers organize one-day-hikes in the Netherlands and participants register. They meet at the agreed place and often do not know each other beforehand. They walk for a day and usually visit at the end of the day a cozy bar or restaurant. The web application is built in VBscript (Active Server Pages) and must be rebuilt and reprogrammed in a Python web application with a suitable front end framework. A MySQL database is used. Preferably use of technology: Python Flask and Angular framework. Knowledge of the Dutch language is an advantage.